What Are The Major Differences Between Commercial Electricians And Domestic Electricians?

The company Power N Data is one of the Australia leading electrician company who offers both commercial electricians and domestic electricians. They are working in the field for a very long time and in their team there are only expert commercial electricians and domestic electricians who are professional and has a lot experiences also their all electricians are fully licensed so you can hire them without any hitched attached. You might be thinking about the difference in between commercial electricians and residential electrical contractors in Cronulla, so yes this is what we going to be will discuss in this blog. 


The commercial electrician is the one who only works on the sites which are commercialized because he has the specific licences. It is not like that the commercial electrician does not know to work on residential area but yes in case of an emergency you can hire the commercial electrician for your house work, still you or either your commercial electrician needed to take the permission from the council according to law. Actually what is major difference is that the commercial electrician is more use to at working in high voltages and current supplied at the commercial areas where as in residential area the power supply is on low voltage and their equipment’s are specifically designed for the particular voltages for safety precautions. So, if you wanted to hire an electrician for any commercial work than you must look for the residential electrical services in Sydney. For example, you needed to fix the electrical wiring at your shop which is in commercial area and the power supply is on high voltage so here the commercial electrician will suited the best to work. 


Now the domestic electricians is also known as residential electricians who can works on houses, flat or apartments and any area where there power supply is not as commercial power supply. Normally in residential are the power supply is about 200 – 240 volts depending upon the permission and according to the power grid station. However, the power supply at commercial are is about 400 to 1000 volts which is too high. This is why there are two categories of electricians like commercial electricians, domestic electricians. 

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