Importance Of Sports And Physical Exercise

basketball backboard

Physical exercise has been one of the main needs of the human body. Without this, one can fell prey to a lot of diseases. There have been numerous ways of doing exercise, taking part in sports is one of the best ways. For those who are interested to take part in sports to keep them fit, a wide range of choices is there. Out of the long list of sports, one of the options is basketball backboard. This sport is in limelight for quite a long time. A lot of people have been playing this sport, it is an extensive exercise. For beating the opponents, one must possess a healthy body, able to throw the ball with strong arms. Not only do the arms get stronger while playing this sport, but stamina also gets higher. That is the reason, it is the game of strong persons, before getting into the real arena, and one must take proper training.

The composition of teams and playing rules

Hoop ball is a sport in which a team consists of players, and both teams are present on each side of the net. For scoring a point, players are required to ground a ball in the court of the opponent’s team. The game is started by tossing the ball in the air and then hitting with a hand towards another team. It is being tried by both teams that the ball should not touch the ground, else the point will be conceded by the opponent’s teams. The team with more points will be the winner of the game, there is a limited time duration for the match. It is being tried by both teams to hit the ball with maximum power so that it cannot be controlled by the other team. That is the reason, a person who is interested to play the game must have strong skills.

This sport came into existence in 1895, over time, there has been a lot of refinements in this game. Now this game is part of the Olympics, a lot of countries have their international teams. Along with the main Olympic competitions, several tournaments occurred at the international level. Just like any other sport, these events are being broadcasted live all over the world. This is why, its popularity is in big numbers, and the renowned players are praised.

This sport is played on a court that has a dimension of 9 by 18 meters. It is equally divided into two halves, and there is a net at the center of the court. The point at the top of the net is 2.43 meters above the ground. For the women’s matches, this height is limited to 2.24 meters.