How To Prevent Tooth Decay

Teeth are the most essential parts of our body they are designed to bite food, it is a blessing from the god. Teeth are very vulnerable and can be broke very easily so taking immense care of it is our responsibility if there are no teeth we cannot eat or bite food we could only take liquid based food and could not enjoy the taste of life, we could taste everything but cannot bite anything, that’s why a newly born baby cannot be given meat or chips because he or she cannot bite it because a newly born baby has no teeth and cannot bite food he/she is given instead they are provided baby food which is liquid so they can drink it up or given milk, their teeth grow up gradually when he or she grows up. Teeth can decay very easily immense shewing gum eating is very dangerous and if swallowed the danger is multiplied by double. Teeth are a significant part of body it needs to be cleaned twice a day because they are opened in air and is used for eating food, the food stuck can be out by brushing your teeth.

Teeth can be decay easily because they are used for function like biting food and eating they can become dirty and yellow which means tooth decay if you don’t take proper care of them and not cleaning them at least once a day, you should  brush your teeth twice a day which is necessary but if it is very yellow and you have diseases so you have to brush your teeth after having your lunch, breakfast and dinner. Teeth serves their purpose very good an we have to eve our purpose for them, teeth can fall if you are not taking care of them and once the permanent teeth fall there is no new one so be careful. Technology has developed and there are also mechanised teeth and artificial tooth you can put these in case of damaged teeth. They cost high and require a proper surgery for it they are very much expensive so don’t go on them. Gum diseases are becoming very common because people are eating bad items for their teeth like chocolates and toffee. Chocolates and toffee can stick to your teeth and cause gum disease.

There are several bacteria on our teeth. Once food is stuck in your teeth so don’t swallow it if it comes out just spit it out because our teeth has lots of bacteria which can damage our body, they are just fed from our food that is stuck on our tooth. If you are looking for surgery and best dentists so visit https://medentalcareburwood,  they provide services like Root Canal and teeth whitening Camberwell guidance.